Excavators for rent up to 65 tons of operating weight. Excavators can be equipped with buckets of different types and sizes as well as hydraulic hammers. Experienced machinery operators are available..


Volvo EC-210BLC

Operating weight 21 t
Power  143.5 hp
Reach  9 m
Bucket size 0.55m3 - 0.75m3
Additional equipmet Hydraulic hammer


Volvo EC-240LCD

Operating weight 24 t
Power  170 hp
Reach  9.5 m
Bucket size 0.55m3 - 0.9 m3
Additional equipmet  Hydraulic hammer


Volvo EC-360LC

Operating weight 37 t
Power  184 hp
Reach  10.5 m
Bucket size 1.5m3
Additional equipmet -

Hitachi ZH650LCH

Operating weight 66 t
Power  463 hp
Reach  12 m - 21 m
Bucket size 1m3 - 2.5m3
Additional equipmet Long reach package

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